Counter Food

Peeled Prawns 2 oz £2.20
Shell on Prawns 1/2 Pint £1.70
Cockles 2 oz £1.50
Mussels 2 oz £1.40
Whelks 2 oz £1.40
Jellied Eels 6 pieces £4.00
Roll Mops   £1.00 each
Winkles 1/2 pint £2.00
Crabsticks   .15p each - or 7 for £1.00
Ocean Pinks   .25p each

Table Food

Seafood Platter - £15.00 White and brown crabmeat, smoked salmon, prawns, cockles, mussels, whelks,crab sticks and ocean pinks served with wholemeal bread and butter, tossed salad with French dressing plus a side dish of cocktail onions olives mayonnaise and Rosemarie sauce.
Prawn Cocktail - £7.50 Succulent peeled prawns on a bed of crisp lettuce covered in our own Rosemarie sauce served with lemon brown bread and butter.
Smoked Salmon Parcels - £6.50 Smoked Salmon Parcels filled with Prawns and Cream Cheese served with garnish and brown bread and butter.
Crevettes - £7.50 Six large Crevettes served with a sweet chilli dip bread and butter and a side salad.
Avocado Srummie - £7.50 Half an avocado filled with lashings of prawns and covered with our secret recipe sauce served with brown bread and butter.
Shell on Prawns - £6.00 - £3.00 A pint or half pint of prawns served with Rosemarie sauce, brown bread & butter in a fingerbowl.
Jellied Eels - £4.00 Six pieces served with bread.
6 Local Oysters - £5.00 Served with brown bread & butter, lemon wedges and tabasco sauce.
Sandwiches - £4.50 Fresh Local Crab - Prawn and Rosemarie Sauce - Smoked Salmon made with wholemeal brown or white bread.
Salads - £15.00 Local Crab, Prawn, Smoked Salmon served with a mixed tossed salad, bread butter and sauces.

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Hot Drinks
Tea £1.00
Coffee   £1.30
Earl Grey   £1.30
Hot Chocolate   £1.30
Soft Drinks
Fruit Juices £1.00
Cans of Pop   £1.00
Bottled Water   £1.00
Carlsberg £3.00
Peroni   £3.00
San Miguel   £3.00
Kronenbourg   £3.00
John Smiths Bitter   £3.00
Special Vat Cider   £3.00
Bays local Bitters   £3.00
Wines                 175ml 250ml
Sauvignon Blanc Dry White £3.00 £4.00
Chenin Blanc Med. White £3.00 £4.00
Shiraz Red £3.00 £4.00
White Zinfandel Rose £3.00 £4.00

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 Brixham Harbour
 Brixham Harbour
 Some members of the Higgins Family
 Higgins Family

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There has been a shellfish business of the site of Claws for over 60 years it was started by Mrs Susan Vidgen and run off trestles and boards until the early 1960s when the first kiosk was built. When Mrs Vidgen died the business was carried on by her daughters Lil, Florie and Louis and her son Jim until they retired in 2001. The kiosk was then purchased by Clive and Jenny Higgins who used to run the pleasure boats. Our Jenny, Our Rosalie and Skylark from the kiosk at the other end of the line. Clive sold the boating business and bought the shellfish stall straight after on the same day while his wife was on a short break with her friend. Jenny returned from France to find she had swapped selling boat trips to selling shellfish but unfazed proceeded to add a refrigerated counter, tables and chairs and obtain a drinks licence to turn it into the delightful place it is now. Selling shellfish was not new to Clive and Jenny as they used to run Brixham Viviers, as well as their pleasure boats, selling crabs and lobsters to dealers all over England as well as exporting them to Spain, in the winter they also ran wet fish stalls in Newport and Bristol markets. Claws is very much a family concern run by Jenny and Clive and granddaughter Sophie who has worked there since she was 11. Across the road we have also opened Claws indoors which also serves hot food as well our outside menu. Older daughter Simone owns Beamers restaurant next door. All the crockery used is specially imported and may be purchased from Claws indoors or from our online shop. The kiosk has been featured in many magazines including Devon life and Exeter Living and has even featured as a Lilleput model. Please clcik on the image below to see the first days of our shop. Coronation

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